AXCELER8 innovation in professional services

Axceler8 - Driving innovation in professional services

Innergise is offering an exciting new development program for professional services firms. AXCELER8 builds the knowledge base, attitudes and skills to innovate, individually and in teams. AXCELER8 also provides the route to systemic, organisation-wide innovation. The resulting culture of innovation provides the key to superior and sustained success.

What makes AXCELER8 unique?
  • A modular program that is bespoke to professional services.
  • Founded on evidence from behavioral science and organisational change.
  • Requires no major corporate commitment at the outset.
  • Starts at the coal-face of work winning to achieve immediate results.
  • Practical application to current client challenges.
  • Highly affordable and scaleable, offering a superior return on investment.
Learning modules

The program comprises seven complementary modules, progressively building commitment and capability from the consulting coal-face to the executive suite and boardroom. The first two modules cover:

  • What does it take to innovate?
  • Innovation that clients love

Contact Innergise for the program brochure providing details on these and the remaining modules.

The program leader

Dr Nick FlemingThe program is shaped and led by Dr Nick Fleming, an experienced consultant, executive and educator with over 25 years experience across multiple industry sectors. He has a natural flair for strategy, innovation and leading change, receiving multiple industry awards for his work. His peers and clients describe him as “an accomplished strategic thinker” that is “adept at finding elegant solutions” with a “special skill to engage those around him”. In addition to delivering AXCELER8, Nick is leading executive-ed programs for the ANZ School of Government, and lectures in integrated infrastructure design at the University of Melbourne.

Want further information?

Don’t hesitate to put your questions to Nick or arrange a conversation to explore how this program can give your firm a practical edge. Reach Nick by email via

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