Who are you?

You’re one of thousands of people working each day to improve the physical, social and natural infrastructure that supports our society. But you’re special. You’re a leader with passion who embraces and shapes change. You’re not prepared to work hard only to sustain mediocrity. You aspire to better outcomes, and you support people to learn, adapt, grow and achieve. You know your people can do better and achieve more.

About us

We are Innergise – people focused on fuelling progress and prosperity by helping people to conceive, design and deliver better programs and projects. We remove the impediments to superior productivity by unleashing and focusing the talents of your people, achieving your current goals and setting you up for enduring success. Monotony becomes momentum. Risks become results.

It’s all about better placed effort – not more effort – to deliver immediate and lasting results.

We’re passionate about creating vibrant,

thriving industries and communities

in our cities and regions. Real work with
authentic people pursuing their goals.

Enabling your success

You’re successful because you focus on outcomes, you tap into the collective intelligence of the people around you, and you don’t blithly adopt the business-as-usual process. You want a pathway to success that is real, practical and enduring. You also recognise that triggering the shift in thinking and practice often benefits from a fresh perspective from people who also understand your business. This is where Innergise comes in.


at the federal, state and local level we help to create and sustain public value by:

  • Designing programs to succeed in a complex policy environment
  • Reviewing and reinvigorating programs
  • Engaging stakeholders to co-create solutions
  • Developing better briefs for service providers
  • Crafting monitoring and evaluation to realise benefits

owners and developers we help de-risk projects and reduce their total cost of ownership by better shaping their design and delivery. It involves:

  • Usefully engaging people in control of success
  • Creating high-value projects by design
  • Smarter data to drive business improvement
  • Optimising business strategies for better performance

and delivery contractors we make simple but powerful improvements in business processes for winning work and driving growth. We enable:

  • More effective client dialogue
  • Growth-focused innovation portfolios
  • Higher value projects within budget limits
  • Stand-out service solutions that win
  • More effective leadership and management

What we do

Surviving not thriving? Feeling overwhelmed, even a little paralysed? How do you create the path forward?
It’s hard work in public or private enterprise. Changing market conditions, social expectation and technologies undermine your business model. You’re trying to gain the authority to act, the resources you need, and stakeholder support. Yet while people expect outcomes, you’re challenged to do more with less. We help you make the key choices that enable you to rise through the complexity with a contemporary, practical strategy – working from capital allocation to change management – and always with an eye to practical execution.

 Click here for a copy of Innergise’s strategy white paper.

You’re concerned a key initiative is off-track and could fail, despite your people’s hard work.
We stress test your plans to resolve ‘wicked’ business and project problems, identifying and resolving gaps in thinking or approach that are critical to success. Our service typically involves a collaborative review process including refining the problem statement, enriching the problem context, testing the program logic, leveraging past wisdom, and specifying the required further work. We get people and programs back on track.

Everyone’s talking collaboration but your relationships are transactional. What value could you unlock?
Today, a wider range of stakeholders has a genuine influence over your success. By enabling a deeper appreciation of clients, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, we facilitate more productive G2B and B2B relationships. We can assist, even with initiation and cultivation of bankable projects that win client, community and investor support.

Your project plans tick the mandatory boxes but still carry many risks, lack investor appetite, and get stalled.
We facilitate the deliberate design of projects to eliminate key risks and maximise the immediate and ongoing return on investment. It involves establishing the business context for the project, placing the project in its wider context, resolving stakeholder influences and generating designs solutions and delivery paths. We create smarter, cheaper projects by design.

You know you need to innovate to survive, but it seems so risky. How do you make progress quickly and safely?
Rapid changes in market conditions, entry of new and alternative competitors, and new technologies are combining to threaten your existing capabilities and service offerings. We assist you to create and manage portfolios of innovative customer-focused solutions, inspiring the ideation process, facilitating rapid market testing, then translating them to real work and sustained profits.

Data, data everywhere – but what data delivers maximum value in driving performance improvement?
Rising investor, institutional and social expectations, coupled with the explosion in enabling technology, is driving greater accountability to prove the efficiency of operations and delivery of outcomes. What data can you afford to collect and analyse? How can you present that data to drive better decisions and action? We help you answer these questions, identifying the rich vein of data that can be collected once but used many times to answer critical business decisions while enabling new value capture possibilities.

 Click here for a copy of Innergise’s data white paper.

You’ve seen your people inspired to do so much better – but can they repeat it?
Your people have a wealth of experience, skills and insight just waiting to be unleashed. Innergise can give them an experience of a new way of working, of thinking together and designing solutions rather than following the business-as-usual process that delivered business-as-usual results. We can help them repeat their success by translating some of the powerful insights and techniques we’ve learnt to them. With a tailored training program that engages them in shaping more productive business processes, your team can be equipped to sustain a higher level of performance.

You need people to think and create together but can’t bear the thought of another workshop.
Teamwork and collaboration are central to today’s work environment, whether in government, business or the not-for-profit sector. People spend much of their time in meetings and workshops – so much so that some people dread the thought of “another workshop”. Many clients describe workshops designed and facilitated by Innergise as “totally different” – because they are genuinely engaging, insight-generating, focused and amazingly productive. This is because we design each workshop to meet our client’s specific needs, leveraging years of experience and relevant insights from behavioural science.

Systems thinking
is at the heart of how we work.

You’ll gain a new way of seeing problems
and designing solutions.

Our edge

Innergise is not just another strategy firm. We have a unique mix of skills that equips us to gain a fresh and richer perspective that enables very real and practical solutions.

Simplifying Complexity

We are recognised for our exceptional skill in clarifying and structuring complex problems so they can be effectively resolved in strategically useful ways.

Informed Facilitation

We don’t just run meetings. We apply insights from behavioural science to skilfully engage people, while contributing ideas from our own multi-sector experience

Proven Innovation

We don’t just advocate innovation, we do it, and have supported clients to achieve transformative results with high returns on investment.

Trusted Relationships

We have a long history of effectively engaging stakeholders – often on sensitive public issues – to achieve understanding, trust, collaboration and results.

Practical Pathways

Ideas and strategies must be executable. We design implementation pathways with achievable steps that build confidence and momentum.

Multi-sector Experience

We draw upon our business leadership, consulting and technical experience across multiple industries and geographies to bring fresh yet grounded perspectives.

Proof of impact

What does success look like in practice? What does the promise of greater productivity, progress and prosperity actually mean? Here are a few real examples of success that can be replicated within your organisation.

Transformative port design

Employing a low-cost, collaborative approach to reviewing its port design, Rio Tinto identified a far lower risk, lower cost way to meet its business goals.

Solving Complex Problems Well

Persistent, complex problems thwart public value creation. Innergise and ANZSOG have developed a program to help public sector leaders start making progress again.

Securing urban water investment

The City of Salisbury challenged its own thinking to integrate urban water management and secure the trust and investment of government.

Delighted clients

We have delivered valuable, innovative results with public and private organisations, large and small, across Australia and abroad.

Our fresh insights

We’re guilty of having ceaselessly inquiring minds, and relish the opportunity to engage in resolving the complex problems that really matter to your business and society. This is what we’re thinking about, reading and discussing. We’d love to hear your reflections and feedback too – it’s what refines our collective insight.

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Dr Nick Fleming, founding director.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to talk with you about your challenges, ideas and aspirations and how we could work with you to make them a reality. Reach us anytime by email or phone, and join us on LinkedIn to connect with a like-minded community.





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