Progress + prosperity

through transformative strategies
and advanced problem solving


We work with boards and executive teams in the relentless pursuit of genuine progress. We bring clarity amid turmoil, combining insight with foresight to create elegant solutions.

Our focus is on better-placed effort, not more effort, to deliver immediate and lasting results. Discover how we can enable your success.

Break through

With world-class expertise in complex problem-solving, we overcome persistent problems for genuine progress.

Build prosperity

We craft strategies and projects that deliver superior results via solutions that people love and want to invest in.

Get results

We don’t leave success to chance, translating strategy into customised, actionable tactics that deliver results.

Our services



We work with you to achieve deep strategic insight and make actionable choices that drive real results, without the jargon and high fees of the large firms.

problem solving

We apply our expertise in wicked problems to your unique situation, generating clarity that allows targeted interventions for genuine, lasting progress.


We lead a human-centred, outcome focused approach to major projects, overcoming stakeholder objections to deliver value by design, not chance.


We deliver highly rated training and development programs that are geared to your real challenges, with personalised coaching to translate knowledge into action.

Workshop facilitation

We deliver highly productive, tailored workshops using proven tools geared around your goals, ensuring strong engagement, productivity, and results.

Our unique edge

We spot things others miss. We bring unique insights to strategy. We deliver outcomes by design. And in the process, we build your team’s leadership and critical thinking capability – to make success repeatable.


>  C-suite and boardroom experience
>  International multi-sector experience
>  Novel behavioural + stakeholder insights
>  Surgically targeted interventions
>  Customised services, actionable tactics
>  Focus on results, not reports

Can you unlock vast potential in your organisation?

We work alongside you,
integrating our expertise with yours,
building skills while building solutions.

What do our clients say?

“Nick provides insights that are essential for people who are serious about making our organisations and society better.”

|   Elizabeth Proust AO, AICD

“Nick has great insight to the drivers of strategy and a keen ability to unearth actions that make a real difference to company performance.”

Mick Wilkes, OceanaGold

“Nick has a strong strategic mind and is adept at finding elegant solutions to complex problems.”

|   David Singleton AM, ISCA

“I haven’t met anyone with comparable skills in synthesising complex information.”

Claudia Boyles, New Zealand Govt

“Nick brings a truly unique set of skills to public policy and implementation challenges. He is one of our most highly-rated faculty and regularly receives accolades from executive attendees.”

Jude Barling, ANZSOG

“Nick combines decades of management research and real-world experience in providing remarkably practical and impactful problem solving, relevant to all sectors of society.”

Clare J. Fairfield, Venture Capital Institute

Our articles, white papers and books

Wicked problems

Elevate your leadership and face of a growing wave of wicked problems

Nuclear power in Australia

Nuclear power in Australia: does it tick the required boxes?

Skills for C-suite leaders

Critical skills for C-Suite leaders in the emerging economy

Your partner in success

Dr Nick Fleming

Dr Nick Fleming FIEAust GAICD

“I see enormous untapped potential in people and organisations. It motivates my work with executives and directors, helping to achieve their business goals while building critical skills. I’m known for thinking differently and cutting through tough challenges, while offering practical, impactful solutions tailored to my clients’ needs. The reward is that, together, we foster a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable society.”

Nick is an experienced company director, strategist, facilitator, and educator with a diverse background across the private sector, R&D community, and all levels of government in Australia and abroad. His award-winning work spans water, transport, natural resources, energy, mining, defense, social welfare, and education sectors.

Professionally trained in engineering, Nick is a true trans-disciplinarian, often seen as an economist, planner, and anthropologist. He is a sought-after speaker and coach, delivering unique executive development programs with the ANZ School of Government and the South Australian Leadership Academy.

Before founding Innergise, Nick served as Director of Business Innovation for Jacobs and global Chief Sustainability Officer for SKM. He was also the taskforce chair for Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and a non-executive director with the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia. Currently, he is a non-executive director of South East Water and Iota, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, and recently completed his term as National President and Chair of the Board of Engineers Australia.