"A globally significant contribution to human endeavour."

Peter Young
Trustee at Green Purposes Company (UK)
Chair of ISO Sustainable Finance International Standards Committee

Smashing the State of Dumb-stuck

"A must read for people who are serious about enhancing our organisations and society"

Elizabeth Proust AO
Chair of Nestle Australia
Non-Executive Director at Lendlease
Past Chair of AICD

Most people are undermining their careers, businesses and communities by solving the wrong problems in the wrong way. "Smashing the state of dumb·stuck" remedies this situation with immediate effect. It is the leading book on real-world problem solving, rich in insights for leaders and professionals that want to be impactful, sought-after and successful.

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10 outstanding features of this book

which make it arguably the best book in its genre currently available

   Deals with the messy, real-world problems
   Direct relevance to professionals in all sectors
   Integrates leading insights from multiple disciplines
   Is packed with practical “how to” advice
   Provides step-by-step guidelines
   Transcends ideas to real solutions
   Includes new proven tools and approaches
   Illustrates the tools via real case studies
   Provides real substance without being boring
   Requires no prior knowledge in special fields

Reviewers are raving!

“Without doubt, the leading book on problem-solving. Essential C-suite reading.” Tony Frencham

“Important, insightful and powerful approach to solving the big problems facing nations, corporations and communities everywhere.” George Beaton

“It is powerful; profound, while practical.” Max Hardy
“It’s cleverly written, with a series of self-contained chapters that makes it easy to read.” Susanne Cooper

“A real step-change in the evolution of problem-solving. A book for our times.” Tim Jarvis

“The rarest of things.” Clare John Fairfield
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