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That uncommon problem-solving success will elevate your impact and ability to influence and thrive in the world of work.

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Smashing the State of Dumb-stuck
Felicity Furey

“Rather than your typical ‘cover to cover read’ that gets left on the shelf, this book will stay on your desk as your secret toolkit. It’s jam-packed with great insights. I wish I had it when I was starting my career.”

 Felicity Furey, WeAspire Future Leaders

“Nick has produced the rarest of things — a management book combining decades of research and real-world experiences in a remarkably practical set of tools. It should be mandatory reading.”

|   Clare John Fairfield, Venture Capital Institute

Free tools and canvases to download and share

Use and share these tools. Normalise better problem-solving. It’s what leaders do.
Problem Solving Roadmap

Problem Solving Roadmap

  • Practical guide to the essential steps
  • Powerful questions to guide your action
  • Matching tools to make your work more effective
Kickoff Canvas

The Kick-off Canvas

  • Enables rapid problem definition and diagnosis
  • Clarifies your problem and vision of success
  • Simple but powerful tool for team sense-making
Powerful Questions

Powerful Questions Canvas

  • Reinforces the value of brainstorming questions
  • Refines and prioritises questions to drive success
  • Triggers the connection of tools to questions
Value@Risk Canvas

Value@Risk Canvas

  • Brings value at risk from inaction into focus
  • Quantifies most material costs and benefits
  • Enables more rational decision making
Cynefin framework

Cynefin Framework

  • Exposes critical differences in problem types
  • Provides a useful problem characterisation language
  • Enables effective targeting of effort and expertise
Problem Characterisation

Problem Characterisation Canvas

  • Rich expose’ of problem types in one page
  • Flags big risks to problem solvers
  • Focuses leaders on their most important work
Levels of Work

Levels of Work Framework

  • Links problem types with levels of work
  • Outlines mindset and success styles
  • Highlights style shifts required for growth
5 Whys Canvas

5 Whys Canvas

  • Exposes the root causes of a problem
  • Exposes a wider suite of better solutions
  • Better focuses effort and investment
Causal layered analysis

Causal Layered Analysis Canvas

  • Exposes the real causes of human problems
  • Enables testing and shifts in worldviews
  • Can catalyse transformational solutions
Program Logic Canvas

Program Logic Canvas

  • Sharpens your focus on outcomes
  • Ensures actions are effective and efficient
  • Valuable for program review and improvement
DREAM Model Canvas

DREAM Model Canvas

  • Drives high value information by design
  • Enables decision-led monitoring programs
  • Achieves better monitoring while cost saving
Workshop Scoping Canvas

Workshop Scoping Canvas

  • Brings focus to your desired outcomes
  • Fosters use of questions to clarify the work
  • Links tools to questions to drive productivity

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