Insight Trading

Collaborating to transform the infrastructure

that shapes society

by Nick Fleming and Susanne Cooper


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Insight Trading - a paperback and e-book
The insights and methods contained in Insight Trading are relevant and repeatable in all industry sectors and organisations, large or small.

Insight Trading offers immediate, practical value to progressive leaders from the executive levels to roles in asset management, project leadership and procurement.

Investors, owners and operators of public and private infrastructure will be equipped to find solutions that achieve more with less, are fit for purpose, cost effective and enduring.

Simple methods powerfully applied

The concepts and tools in Insight Trading go to the heart of the complex infrastructure challenges facing government and business – negotiating the evolving regulatory landscape while striving to maintain a social licence to operate and enhancing returns on investment.

The how to approach emphasised in the book is underpinned by practical tools that enable a deeper, systemic appreciation of the situation being tackled. They focus effort on the problems that really matter and find smart, elegantly simple yet profoundly effective solutions.

In particular, the authors observe that:

  • Systems thinking is key to understanding important factors and relationships that shape the operating context for an organisation, project or asset
  • An integrated approach is needed to understand related risks and issues, and to conceive smart solutions
  • Asking the right questions can reframe the problem, shift thinking and play a profoundly important role in generating transformative solutions
  • Genuinely collaborative approaches provide the basis to gain valuable insights and competitive advantage
  • Innovation needn’t be left to chance; good processes will enhance its value and repeatability




“Insight Trading is an enjoyable and convincing book, with a suite of excellent case studies.”

Stephen Selwood
NZ Council for Infrastructure Development

“This book takes the concept of sustainability, presents it in simple language, and provides a true and important bridge from knowledge to behaviour. It’s concise and will reach many readers with a variety of interests, educational backgrounds and professions.”

Pedro Rodrigues De Almeida
World Economic Forum

Dr Nick Fleming
Dr Nick Fleming

Nick has been a leading contributor to sustainable development for more than 25 years, utilising his background in engineering, a PhD in sustainable water infrastructure, and qualifications and experience in strategic business leadership. He is widely published and a recognised speaker. Nick was the Chief Sustainability Officer of Sinclair Knight Merz, sitting on several industry bodies fostering sustainable infrastructure.

Contact Nick about speaking, advice on the insights or facilitation to reap their benefits.

Susanne Cooper
Susanne Cooper

Susanne has over 25 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams and senior levels of organisations to achieve practical but innovative change for better outcomes, backed by technical rigour and incisive thinking. She is a recognised facilitator of innovative approaches to complex problems. Susanne was the Sustainability Practice Leader for Sinclair Knight Merz.

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