Why did I do it?

Why did I do it?

For months, I’ve been working on my second book called Smashing the State of Dumb-stuck: How to achieve impact and influence in the future world of work by mastering real-world problem solving.

Over recent weeks, my effort has shifted to promoting the book. It’s definitely a more grueling phase of work. Many of my friends, colleagues and clients will have seen almost daily posts on the book and its insights. To the casual observer, it would seem like yet another person flogging a product to make money. The truth, at least in my case, is very different.

There are essentially two linked reasons for writing the book. The first, is my abiding hope and ambition for humanity, coupled with a deep concern for our current trajectory. How is it that we can achieve amazing things with technology but struggle to progress societally on so many fronts?

The second reason is that I have discovered an answer to this question. I’ve also seen the huge difference that answer can make to individuals, organisations and communities. I sincerely believe my discovery is important to the success of individual leaders and, in aggregate, society.

So, I wrote the Smashing the State of Dumb-stuck to share these insights. I want younger leaders to accelerate their learning and impact, not leaving it to chance. I want more senior leaders to elevate their thinking and contribution. Because it is a demonstrable fact that we need to enable a higher level of leadership to thrive in our complex, contested world.

You might ask, ”Why not give these insights freely?” It’s true, I want people everywhere to benefit from them. My motivation is not individual profit but wider prosperity and sustainable growth. But ask yourself this, “What value do I attribute to something I got for free?” The years of accumulated, transdisciplinary insight in the book is worth many thousands of dollars. People that aren’t prepared to make a small investment in themselves to access the insights aren’t likely or ready to use them. For that reason, my book isn’t for everyone. It’s only for thinking leaders that are ongoing learners and whose aspiration extends beyond themselves.

If that’s you, I hope that you will read the book, think on its insights, and get in touch to discuss and even debate them. Furthermore, please share the book. I imagine the exciting progress we could unleash together. Hopefully that’s an idea that excites you too.

You can download a sample chapter from the book here. And, if you pre-order the book, you can join an exclusive webinar in which the crucial insights will be explained. Details here.