Smashing the State of Dumb-stuck

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Practical tools – in the form of problem-solving canvases – are released every week or so to help you apply the powerful insights from the book. To make sure you don’t miss any of the canvases or important news, follow or connect with Nick Fleming on LinkedIn. A full index of the available tools and canvases is available here, to be followed by an interactive development program to help you gain the edge you’re after!

Practical canvases for problem solvers

The compelling reasons to get 'Smashing the State of Dumb-stuck'

Secure your future

If you can’t solve problems you wont succeed in the future world of work. Yet, ironically, many leaders and professionals are currently solving the wrong problems in the wrong ways.

When you recognise that you are integral to your problem – because of the way you frame and approach it – you are on the road to growing your impact and value.

By applying the insights and tools in the book, you will immediately become more effective and impactful in your work.

The benefits to you and your organisation will escalate over time as your skill and impact grows. You will stand out from your peers and career opportunities will come to you.

Every day can be more rewarding

How often do you finish work thinking, “I really made a difference today.”

Unfortunately, this is not a common experience for most people. Despite working hard every day, real progress can be elusive. It contributes to the myth that there’s not enough time or money to achieve better results. But it’s not true.

It is possible to do less work with greater impact, when you truly understand the problems you’re tackling and can target effort effectively.

Smashing the State of Dumb·stuck integrates the secrets of influential leadership with practical problem solving tools all in one place, framed around the unique problem-solving I.D.E.A. It is your key to more rewarding work, day after day.

Add value in any setting

The World Economic Forum says that complex problem solving is the #1 skill required for the future of work.

Without this skill you will fall behind. With it, you can add value in any room – to a project team, an executive team or at the board table.

The leaders that can deal with messy, real-world problems will unleash the productivity of their teams and organisations, and build sustainability and prosperity in their communities. They will exhibit uncommon clarity and appear innovative simply because effective problem solving is rare.

You can be one of those influential, impactful leaders. To find out how, get your copy of Smashing the State of Dumb·stuck today.

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