A leaders’ guide to the big assumptions about artificial intelligence

A leaders’ guide to the big assumptions about artificial intelligence

In Australia and across the globe, banks are adjusting their workforces and shedding jobs amid spending on technology and automation. As other industries follow suit, it’s unclear whether the costs of automation are being socialised while the benefits are privatised. What is clear is that Australia’s public and private sector leaders must pay more attention to opportunities and benefits from artificial intelligence to keep up...

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Engineer tackling climate change

Engineering a change in climate

Australians have much to lose from inaction on climate change. But there’s also much to gain by acting. A shortage of practical solutions that are scalable, affordable and easy to embrace is an impediment. This is where engineers can play a transformative role if the challenge is approached in a clever, collaborative and contemporary way. Here is a brief whitepaper that explains why and how...

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Moving beyond innovation hype

Moving beyond innovation hype and hyperbole

Is the hype and hyperbole around innovation threatening to disengage the very people it’s seeking to motivate? It’s true that some organisations need to innovate with urgency, but not all. Equally, while big business has a role to play, leadership by government and young businesses is equally important. With a little evidence-based insight and critical thinking, the chances of innovation success can be substantially enhanced....

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Australia's innovation plan 2030

What does Australia’s innovation plan mean for business and you?

Australia now has a national innovation plan. But it’s not just guidance to government. It provides important signals to business and individuals. Action matters, but so does timing. Businesses large and small must overcome complacency to act now, adopting a deliberate approach to innovation for growth. Equally, individuals should question whether their employer and skills are fit for the very-near future. On 30 January 2018,...

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Unleash passion or get run over

Tap into your people’s passion, or get run over

What are your people passionate about? Do you know? What might be possible if you unleashed their latent talents? Indeed, what might be the cost if you don’t? For many years, I worked with one of Australia’s great businesses. SKM, a professional services firm with some 10,000 people around the world, was a global leader. It’s position in the top companies of its type in...

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Axceler8 - Driving innovation in professional services

AXCELER8 innovation in professional services

Innergise is offering an exciting new development program for professional services firms. AXCELER8 builds the knowledge base, attitudes and skills to innovate, individually and in teams. AXCELER8 also provides the route to systemic, organisation-wide innovation. The resulting culture of innovation provides the key to superior and sustained success. What makes AXCELER8 unique? A modular program that is bespoke to professional services. Founded on evidence from...

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Is innovation masking problem solving?

Is the innovation hype masking a deeper problem?

While everyone is busy trying to innovate, is there a risk that we’re missing something of far greater significance to business, government and professionals alike? I think so. Australia was better shielded from the global financial crisis than many nations. Despite this, economic growth since has been sluggish. While global growth is returning, notably in Europe and to a lesser extent the USA, it’s patchy...

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Innovation ideas applied

Ideas applied: that’s what reaps revenue from engineering innovation

Innovation is squarely on the agenda for governments and the business community. Yet voters in Australia’s recent federal election felt disconnected from the Prime Minister’s innovation agenda, even scared by the change it signals. But innovate we must. Without it, businesses, governments and society will stagnate. What we need is not just more ideas, but better ideas applied. Why must we innovate? There’s no question...

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Intentional design unlocks innovation

Intentional design unlocks valuable innovation for engineers

Engineers are enjoying a renewed policy focus on STEM skills, innovation and their role in meeting societal needs. But they’re also butting up against real, current impediments to progress – many of their own making. In the search for practical, cost-effective and bankable solutions, intentional design is offering a lucrative, achievable approach. The fundamental drivers for infrastructure development (like population growth) underpin a positive investment outlook....

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What's humanly possible

Move beyond technically possible to humanly possible

There are solutions to our social and economic challenges in the infrastructure, resources, health and education sectors. They’re exciting, affordable and achievable. But are we smart enough to recognise and implement them? On 15 September 2015, Australia got its fifth Prime Minister in eight years. The nation’s new leader, Malcolm Turnbull [1], pronounced: The disruption that we see driven by technology, the volatility and the...

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