Sleep. Get it now!

Sleep. Get it now!

As company directors, business leaders and workmates – we’re all responsible for safety in the workplace. We carry a legal and moral obligation for the health and welfare of our people. This includes their mental health. As such, we must identify and address potential cause of harm.

In this context, Matthew Walker’s book Why we sleep is powerful and enlightening. So, I felt compelled to share the essence of his book. It is relevant to us all – our children, friends, and colleagues.

From a business perspective, a lack of sleep kills productivity by eroding attention, concentration, problem-solving and decision making. It increases irritability, mood swings, and emotional instability. These and other sleep-related issues undermine our ability to cope well with customers, work mates, and work demands.

A lack of sleep has many other proven health impacts. And it doesn’t take much loss of sleep for them to arise.

So I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this summary. I hope you find it interesting, helpful and motivational. If so, you’ll enjoy the engaging substance in Walker’s well written book. And perhaps you can also use the summary at work: share it with colleagues and use it as a talking point in health and safety discussions.