Realising the dream

Dream data decision process

A new paper from Innergise shares valuable insights relevant to any business or program manager. It describes the DREAM process – an elegant approach to shaping decisions and the supporting data that will drive real progress.  

As the potential grows to collect and analyse ever increasing amounts of data, business and program managers would do well to first consider how their information needs are being met.

Experience reveals that many public and private organisations are wasting time and money on data systems that either aren’t used or feed tangentially relevant data into vague decision processes responding to ill-defined questions from misunderstood audiences. Organisational performance is lower and costs and risks are higher than need be.

Fortunately the DREAM process can bring crisp definition to the decisions that really matter, and define the data that will support those decisions. In the process the costs can be reduced and value substantially enhanced.

Get the essential details here in the latest paper from Innergise.