Innergise gains insights to government investment decisions

Investment Logic

Innergise Director, Nick Fleming, recently completed training in the Investment Management Standard applied by governments around Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s an excellent method to bring sharp clarity to a problem and whether investment is warranted to resolve that problem,” says Nick. “Good results can be achieved in just a couple of hours if you have the right people in the room and skilled facilitation.”

The method would also bring much-needed rigour to business cases prepared for investment within private companies, as well as the development of proposals for clients’ projects.

“I found the training gave real insight to the way that government thinks about and judges value.”

Having applied the method to a private infrastructure project Nick also reports “People don’t always naturally get to the heart of a problem, nor are they consistently innovative in solving it. So while the investment logic mapping process is very good, some simple yet powerful techniques will substantially enhance the results you can achieve. Indeed, they really should be used in the case of large investments with long run consequences, like those made in the infrastructure sectors.”