Beyond the storm – growing out of the coronavirus crisis

Critical questions for leaders of businesses aiming to grow out of the coronavirus crisis

The world is in the midst of a pandemic which, while not unexpected, has hit with a speed and scale of impact that is unparalleled. Governments have created economic crises by shutting down society to control the health crises. As Australia and other nations around the world work to move beyond the storm, easing restrictions on movement and business, the recognition is growing that the world wont “return to normal”. Business is central to the economic recovery and leaders are asking “What do we need to do now to thrive in the months ahead?”

Every organisation will respond to the crisis in their own unique way. But all organisations can take similar steps to discern what their best response would be. The board of directors has an important role alongside the executive team to set up the organisation to survive and thrive in the medium term. Undoubtedly there will be growth opportunities. Whether these opportunities are identified and grasped will depend on the attitude and approach adopted now.

While the situation can feel confusing and overwhelming, a carefully structured suite of questions can allow the board to engage in crucial conversations that bring clarity and coherence to the organisation’s strategy and practices beyond the crisis.

Innergise’s white paper, Beyond the Storm, provides a series of valuable insights and questions that your board and executive team can start working with today. Download it here today.