A fork in the road for Australia’s infrastructure leaders

A fork in the road for Australia’s infrastructure leaders

There have been a string of failures in Australian construction companies. It’s one sign of more systemic problems in Australia’s approach to infrastructure provision. Previous attempts to resolve these problems have been largely ineffective. Action must be taken to remove impediments to productivity, innovation and public value creation. Without it, the nation’s prosperity and security will be severely undermined. More reports and talkfests won’t deliver a materially better outcome. We have reached a fork in the road. It’s time to choose a better approach.

Despite promises to the contrary, the solution doesn’t lie in new technologies, going ‘digital’ or more investment. It will come through new and better choices made by more capable and ambitious leaders. It is possible to build and exercise this muscle for insightful, strategic and collaborative leadership of infrastructure provision. The real question is whether leaders are prepared to get outside their comfort zone and make this possible in the national interest.

The benefits that would accrue are difficult to overstate. Resolving the problems with Australia’s infrastructure provision will eliminate costs and deliver benefits accruing to billions of dollars every year. It will also deliver more resilient assets in the face of escalating risks including but not limited to climate change. Other sectors facing similar systemic issues will also be able to learn from the transferable lessons and capabilities required to deliver these benefits.

It’s time for a better approach. Indeed, it’s well overdue.

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