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Innergise is a strategic advisory firm that helps ambitious leaders achieve genuine progress on complex challenges in the face of uncertainty. We drive real improvements in productivity, sustainability, and prosperity.

We partner with people like you – leaders that pursue real progress, who are intolerant of wasted effort and investment, and who recognise their people must learn to overcome persistent barriers to progress.

We support you to design superior strategies, programs and projects that deliver real results – things that people value and want to pay for. Impact is our aim, not the delivery of theoretical advice in expensive reports.

Through our work together, you will gain greater influence and authenticity in your leadership. It’s because we draw on unique insights from multiple disciplines to bring a deep clarity to your challenges, paving the way to better and more enduring solutions.

It’s all about better placed effort – not more effort – to deliver immediate and lasting results.

Public and private infrastructure


Power and water utilities
Natural resources
Professional services

Thinking together


Business strategy
High value project design
Complex problem solving
Creating an innovation advantage
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Our unique edge

C-suite and governance experience
Multi-sector international experience
Expertise with systems and design thinking
Leverage of behavioural sciences
Practical science and engineering skills
Vigorous ongoing learning

Delighted clients

Gas industry needs behavioural science
Social licence for gas

A multi-national gas company wanted to know how to develop onshore gas in a sustainable way to gain community support. Crucial conversations were facilitated to challenge the core beliefs of both the gas company and its stakeholders which dictated what was possible. Prevailing ideas were dispelled, as more productive and cost-effective ways of creating valuable assets and experiences for both for the company and community were conceived. The result was a far more useful and productive investment of effort and resources.

Speaking truth to power
Persistent public problems

“We’re simply not making progress on important public policy issues” is a common sentiment across all levels of government. So, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government engaged Innergise to develop a practical, hands-on program to equip public sector executives with the insights and skills to resolve complex problems. Participants from ANZSOG’s Executive MBA program gave the program a rating of 4.9/5. Today, it remains one of ANZSOG’s most successful programs.

Wetlands in northern Adelaide, South Australia
Securing water investment

Local governments with jurisdiction over a major portion of the city of Adelaide were investing heavily in stormwater harvesting and use. A strategic review revealed significant risks to future viability of the schemes, triggering a rescoping of the work to include foresighted, systems-based modelling and analysis. Improved relations between councils competing for the same stormwater resource were brokered as part of a novel regional water solution. $40m in federal funding was secured as a direct result.

Rio Tinto port
Transformative port design

A $1.4 billion expansion of the iron ore export facilities had been planned by Rio Tinto. An opportunity was created to conduct a design challenge workshop involving 25 people from engineering, environmental, operations and marketing teams. Over the course of 3 days, a substantial improvement in the project design was achieved, addressing several critical but previously overlooked success parameters. Major risks were eliminated, and the total cost of ownership was reduced by at least 10%: a ROI of 70,000%.

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