Decision making

Problem solving

Smart people doing dumb things – are you one of them?

Humans are amazing. We’re capable of orchestrating moving music, creating beautiful structures and deconstructing the human genome. Why then, when we possess such constructive capabilities, do governments find themselves grasping for answers, businesses struggling to grow, and communities feeling insecure and mistrustful of public and private sector leaders alike? In...

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Public infrastructure investment choices

Public infrastructure: who’s creating great investment options?

The focus on making better infrastructure investment choices begs the question: who’s offering great investment options? While customers and markets have a role to play in achieving better infrastructure performance, they’re not the whole solution. Governments must also be more specific about public infrastructure outcomes they want to buy. It’s...

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Dream data decision process

Realising the dream

A new paper from Innergise shares valuable insights relevant to any business or program manager. It describes the DREAM process – an elegant approach to shaping decisions and the supporting data that will drive real progress.   As the potential grows to collect and analyse ever increasing amounts of data, business...

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Systems thinking is required

Delivery of productivity and infrastructure – who’s role is it?

Business and government both have important roles to play in driving productivity growth and enabling infrastructure. But are those roles consistent with the traditional policy and practice handbook? Do current conditions demand a distinctly different approach? Are our public finances at risk? “We’ve been leading urban stormwater management practices for...

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