Tag: Systems thinking

Man in crisis

Crisis – a leader’s friend in disguise

“How did I get here?” asked the reluctantly departing CEO. “How did we get here?” question citizens in a Brexit-Trump world. “What now?” is their coupled question. A growing suite of societal crises threaten to fracture governments, businesses and communities. Yet perhaps this is a natural part of our collective evolution which, with wise leadership, can unleash a new and productive phase of individual, corporate...

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Achieving a 700-fold ROI

“What a terrific result! We need to apply this approach to all our projects.” That was Don’s enthusiastic response. He was a mining executive who’d just recognised a 700-fold return on his investment. So what had Don invested in – advanced geological mapping, new high-technology driverless trucks, off-shoring of engineering design work? No. He’d invested in a workshop to review the company’s design of a...

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Collaborating to transform the infrastructure that shapes society

Insight Trading – a “must read”

Greater demands are being placed on the world’s cities, infrastructure, and the resources that underpin economic development and prosperity. Risk factors and measures of value are changing, so organisations, projects and their leaders must evolve to remain successful. Delivering more of the same or even incremental business improvement is inadequate. A step change in productivity is required. New solutions are called for, solutions which are...

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