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Moving beyond innovation hype

Moving beyond innovation hype and hyperbole

Is the hype and hyperbole around innovation threatening to disengage the very people it’s seeking to motivate? It’s true that some organisations need to innovate with urgency, but not all. Equally, while big business has a role to play, leadership by government and young businesses is equally important. With a little evidence-based insight and critical thinking, the chances of innovation success can be substantially enhanced....

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Unleash passion or get run over

Tap into your people’s passion, or get run over

What are your people passionate about? Do you know? What might be possible if you unleashed their latent talents? Indeed, what might be the cost if you don’t? For many years, I worked with one of Australia’s great businesses. SKM, a professional services firm with some 10,000 people around the world, was a global leader. It’s position in the top companies of its type in...

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Gas industry needs behavioural science

Gas industry needs another science to make progress

Australia’s energy prices are soaring, in part due to the limited domestic supply of gas. While most states ban coal seam gas development the federal government counters with regulatory and fiscal threats to reduce gas exports and lift the bans. While some limited short-term benefits might accrue, the gas companies are really in control. But do they know it, and can they exercise that control...

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Is innovation masking problem solving?

Is the innovation hype masking a deeper problem?

While everyone is busy trying to innovate, is there a risk that we’re missing something of far greater significance to business, government and professionals alike? I think so. Australia was better shielded from the global financial crisis than many nations. Despite this, economic growth since has been sluggish. While global growth is returning, notably in Europe and to a lesser extent the USA, it’s patchy...

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Problem solving

Smart people doing dumb things – are you one of them?

Humans are amazing. We’re capable of orchestrating moving music, creating beautiful structures and deconstructing the human genome. Why then, when we possess such constructive capabilities, do governments find themselves grasping for answers, businesses struggling to grow, and communities feeling insecure and mistrustful of public and private sector leaders alike? In May, I worked with senior government executives from Australia and New Zealand to build their...

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