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Moving in circles - weak problem solving skills impose a public price

What’s the public price of ill-defined problems?

How do you normally solve problems? What methods do you use? It’s a question I’ve asked numerous policy and program leaders across all levels of government. That’s because governments are routinely asked to solve some of society’s toughest problems – the ones where the issues are complicated, dynamic, constantly changing and involve many stakeholders, often pulling in different directions. So what are the dominant responses?...

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Man in crisis

Crisis – a leader’s friend in disguise

“How did I get here?” asked the reluctantly departing CEO. “How did we get here?” question citizens in a Brexit-Trump world. “What now?” is their coupled question. A growing suite of societal crises threaten to fracture governments, businesses and communities. Yet perhaps this is a natural part of our collective evolution which, with wise leadership, can unleash a new and productive phase of individual, corporate...

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Problem solving practices

The anatomy of opportunity – three key practices to unleash progress

Here’s three key practices, drawn from years of practical experience, which can shift the way you perceive and solve problems, unleashing real progress. Let’s quickly recap In my previous two articles (here and here) I explained why growth and value creation need to come from innovation, investment and improved workplace practices. It’s a formula that public and private sector leaders now agree upon. I also...

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