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Change is coming thick and fast

How to shape a business strategy when change is coming thick and fast

Our human capabilities to develop and deploy technology is amazing and still expanding. But deployment of technology faces numerous impediments that slow its adoption. This doesn’t mean that business breakthroughs and disruptions won’t occur, challenging even the largest and long-standing organisations. To navigate these circumstances, business leaders need to embrace an informed, pragmatic and action-oriented approach to change. With some clear principles to work by...

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Engineering practical energy

Engineering a politically-practical energy plan

Practical engineering solutions may be the key to transcending the political gridlock that confounds the energy-climate crisis. Several days ago, Matthew Warren, chief executive of the Australian Energy Council, warned “We now risk rolling into a second decade of energy policy uncertainty. This could be catastrophic for the cost and reliability of energy in Australia… yet there is no respite in sight” [1]. It’s a...

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Collaborating to transform the infrastructure that shapes society

Insight Trading – a “must read”

Greater demands are being placed on the world’s cities, infrastructure, and the resources that underpin economic development and prosperity. Risk factors and measures of value are changing, so organisations, projects and their leaders must evolve to remain successful. Delivering more of the same or even incremental business improvement is inadequate. A step change in productivity is required. New solutions are called for, solutions which are...

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