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Engaging people to profit

Engaging people to profit

For all the talk of diversity and the monitoring of pay gaps between men and women, many people remain unsure of the benefits of greater inclusion beyond equality of opportunity. What really are the benefits of diversity and inclusion? What attributes of diversity actually translate into better organisational performance? And if the benefits are real, what is impeding a quicker transition to a more diverse...

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Australia's innovation plan 2030

What does Australia’s innovation plan mean for business and you?

Australia now has a national innovation plan. But it’s not just guidance to government. It provides important signals to business and individuals. Action matters, but so does timing. Businesses large and small must overcome complacency to act now, adopting a deliberate approach to innovation for growth. Equally, individuals should question whether their employer and skills are fit for the very-near future. On 30 January 2018,...

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Unleash passion or get run over

Tap into your people’s passion, or get run over

What are your people passionate about? Do you know? What might be possible if you unleashed their latent talents? Indeed, what might be the cost if you don’t? For many years, I worked with one of Australia’s great businesses. SKM, a professional services firm with some 10,000 people around the world, was a global leader. It’s position in the top companies of its type in...

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Moving in circles - weak problem solving skills impose a public price

What’s the public price of ill-defined problems?

How do you normally solve problems? What methods do you use? It’s a question I’ve asked numerous policy and program leaders across all levels of government. That’s because governments are routinely asked to solve some of society’s toughest problems – the ones where the issues are complicated, dynamic, constantly changing and involve many stakeholders, often pulling in different directions. So what are the dominant responses?...

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Is innovation masking problem solving?

Is the innovation hype masking a deeper problem?

While everyone is busy trying to innovate, is there a risk that we’re missing something of far greater significance to business, government and professionals alike? I think so. Australia was better shielded from the global financial crisis than many nations. Despite this, economic growth since has been sluggish. While global growth is returning, notably in Europe and to a lesser extent the USA, it’s patchy...

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Mind-sets create infrastructure investment blind spots

Mind-sets thwarting infrastructure investment

More money won’t address the shortfall of good infrastructure projects. Better planning and governance arrangements will help, but a shift in mind-sets is the key. Many people in the infrastructure ‘community’ are captured in a false narrative and mind-set. Better approaches are being overlooked as effort goes into solving the wrong problems. It’s possible to create lower risk, lower cost infrastructure that delights customers and...

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Sales insights key to growth

Unlocking growth for engineering consultants

Sometimes we need to be reminded about those common-sense things we should be doing but aren’t. At other times we’re so busy we miss important changes occurring around us. Both things are true for engineering consultants. Some simple and more profound shifts in sales practices have the potential to save millions and fuel growth.  Many large consulting firms are struggling. Engineering and science professionals are...

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Managers barriers to progress

Is it the best we can do? Barriers to progress on productivity

Lazy, insular, complacent – words used to describe the state of enterprise in Australia. Harsh words indeed, but are they right? Anatomy of Opportunity In my last article (here) I described the Anatomy of Opportunity. It highlights the opportunities for government agencies and businesses alike to unleash greater productivity, innovation and return on investment. I highlighted three practical, value-creating actions: Engaging people from a wider...

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Problem solving practices

The anatomy of opportunity – three key practices to unleash progress

Here’s three key practices, drawn from years of practical experience, which can shift the way you perceive and solve problems, unleashing real progress. Let’s quickly recap In my previous two articles (here and here) I explained why growth and value creation need to come from innovation, investment and improved workplace practices. It’s a formula that public and private sector leaders now agree upon. I also...

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Catalysing success. 1 - Engaging the productivity fix

Engaging the productivity fix

Are you leading a business, government agency, program or project and feeling the pressure for greater productivity despite the complex, uncertain environment? Do you have a nagging sense that working business-as-usual harder won’t get the results expected? What if you could enhance productivity in an engaging way? Australia is not well positioned If I challenged you to describe the current state of politics, markets, government...

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