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Sales insights key to growth

Unlocking growth for engineering consultants

Sometimes we need to be reminded about those common-sense things we should be doing but aren’t. At other times we’re so busy we miss important changes occurring around us. Both things are true for engineering consultants. Some simple and more profound shifts in sales practices have the potential to save millions and fuel growth.  Many large consulting firms are struggling. Engineering and science professionals are...

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Ants have become the most successful terrestrial macro-scale species this planet has ever seen on account of their highly coordinated social organization, an ability to modify habitats, exploit resources, and defend themselves.

Are you the leader you need to be? How’s your adaptive capacity?

In times of tough market conditions and endless change, might a safe, process-driven approach to organisational leadership actually be counter-productive? Being nimble and adaptable – having adaptive capacity – is arguably more critical. But what does this mean for leaders, boards and investors? Change makes most people anxious, particularly when it happens in their workplace. Yet change is all around us. It’s either happening to...

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Managers barriers to progress

Is it the best we can do? Barriers to progress on productivity

Lazy, insular, complacent – words used to describe the state of enterprise in Australia. Harsh words indeed, but are they right? Anatomy of Opportunity In my last article (here) I described the Anatomy of Opportunity. It highlights the opportunities for government agencies and businesses alike to unleash greater productivity, innovation and return on investment. I highlighted three practical, value-creating actions: Engaging people from a wider...

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Businessmen in Meeting --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Productivity through vulnerability

The opportunity for employees to make mistakes, learn and grow may be a big, untapped productivity lever. If business leaders aren’t providing the safe space and support for their people’s growth, they might actually be a cause of their business productivity problem? Think of a boss or client that you really admire, for whom you’d willingly put in the extra hours and intellect to support....

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