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Government, industry and educators - get fit for the future of engineering

Government, industry and educators: get fit for the future of engineering

Changes in engineering technology coupled with shifting commercial and social demands is creating major risks and opportunities for the business community. Similarly, policy makers, industry bodies and educators are not immune. While some of the most profound consequences may not impact for several years, the time required to achieve institutional and organisational change demands action is taken today. Policy makers mustn’t impede public value creation...

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Engineers challenged by fourth industrial revolution

Fourth industrial revolution challenges engineering executives

An upcoming executive conference promises to shed powerful insights into current, under-played challenges of the fourth industrial revolution for engineering executives and company directors. What follows is a small component of the under-pinning research and analysis that informs the conference dialogue. In the early 1990s I was a researcher, exploring the engineering and institutional processes required to cultivate sustainable cities. One aspect of my research...

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Engineering for fourth industrial revolution

Engineering in the 4th industrial revolution is on the brink

by Dr George Beaton, beatoncapital  ‘Engineering in the 4th industrial revolution is on the brink’ is not intended to be a melodramatic assertion. Rather it makes the point that the 4th industrial revolution is here, now. It offers as many opportunities as it poses risks and threats. This post explains the tenets of the 4th industrial revolution and the reasons why Innergise and beatonlive have combined to...

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