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Morrison government perpetuates national self-harm

Morrison Government perpetuates national self-harm

Climate change is an issue of national and global significance that demands a meaningful government response. So, when we as leaders of businesses, industry groups, public sector agencies or in local communities contemplate “what action should we take to address climate risks?”, it’s important to understand the actions and intentions of our governments. Unfortunately, on face value, it appears the government is perpetuating national self-harm....

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Australian Government

Rebuilding trust, restoring progress

Who do you trust? If you’re like millions of other Australians, you don’t trust politicians, big banks or the media. In fact, mistrust of key institutions continues to grow, perpetuating a trend that started in the late 1960s [1, 2]. This lack of trust continues to gain attention, and there’s good reason why it should. Trust is a key indicator of the health and potential...

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Moving beyond innovation hype

Moving beyond innovation hype and hyperbole

Is the hype and hyperbole around innovation threatening to disengage the very people it’s seeking to motivate? It’s true that some organisations need to innovate with urgency, but not all. Equally, while big business has a role to play, leadership by government and young businesses is equally important. With a little evidence-based insight and critical thinking, the chances of innovation success can be substantially enhanced....

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Public value account for infrastructure

Bringing infrastructure investment to account

Is infrastructure spending creating sustainable public value? How can we tell? Perhaps public value accounts are a timely and valuable lever to enhance the calibre of public debate, project investment decisions and support for better public sector practices. “Do we need ribbon-cutting infrastructure for jobs and growth?” It’s the question the Grattan Institute’s Hugh Batrouney asked recently [1], arguing that “we shouldn’t be fooled into...

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Government, industry and educators - get fit for the future of engineering

Government, industry and educators: get fit for the future of engineering

Changes in engineering technology coupled with shifting commercial and social demands is creating major risks and opportunities for the business community. Similarly, policy makers, industry bodies and educators are not immune. While some of the most profound consequences may not impact for several years, the time required to achieve institutional and organisational change demands action is taken today. Policy makers mustn’t impede public value creation...

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Investment Logic

Innergise gains insights to government investment decisions

Innergise Director, Nick Fleming, recently completed training in the Investment Management Standard applied by governments around Australia and New Zealand. “It’s an excellent method to bring sharp clarity to a problem and whether investment is warranted to resolve that problem,” says Nick. “Good results can be achieved in just a couple of hours if you have the right people in the room and skilled facilitation.”...

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Catalysing success. 1 - Engaging the productivity fix

Engaging the productivity fix

Are you leading a business, government agency, program or project and feeling the pressure for greater productivity despite the complex, uncertain environment? Do you have a nagging sense that working business-as-usual harder won’t get the results expected? What if you could enhance productivity in an engaging way? Australia is not well positioned If I challenged you to describe the current state of politics, markets, government...

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