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Public infrastructure investment choices

Public infrastructure: who’s creating great investment options?

The focus on making better infrastructure investment choices begs the question: who’s offering great investment options? While customers and markets have a role to play in achieving better infrastructure performance, they’re not the whole solution. Governments must also be more specific about public infrastructure outcomes they want to buy. It’s time the infrastructure community collaborated to perform better in generating sustainable public value. Who’s providing...

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Engineering for fourth industrial revolution

Engineering in the 4th industrial revolution is on the brink

by Dr George Beaton, beatoncapital  ‘Engineering in the 4th industrial revolution is on the brink’ is not intended to be a melodramatic assertion. Rather it makes the point that the 4th industrial revolution is here, now. It offers as many opportunities as it poses risks and threats. This post explains the tenets of the 4th industrial revolution and the reasons why Innergise and beatonlive have combined to...

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