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Smart people, smart cities

Enabling smart cities with smart citizens

Australia is facing into some big challenges – and opportunities – in modernising its public infrastructure and education systems. Features of ‘smart cities’ sit in the solution set to both issues. Yet the realisation of sustainable and smart cities has been painfully slow. What can be done to accelerate change? A good friend and colleague, David Singleton, has asked me “How can smart cities best...

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Government, industry and educators - get fit for the future of engineering

Government, industry and educators: get fit for the future of engineering

Changes in engineering technology coupled with shifting commercial and social demands is creating major risks and opportunities for the business community. Similarly, policy makers, industry bodies and educators are not immune. While some of the most profound consequences may not impact for several years, the time required to achieve institutional and organisational change demands action is taken today. Policy makers mustn’t impede public value creation...

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