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Intentional design unlocks innovation

Intentional design unlocks valuable innovation for engineers

Engineers are enjoying a renewed policy focus on STEM skills, innovation and their role in meeting societal needs. But they’re also butting up against real, current impediments to progress – many of their own making. In the search for practical, cost-effective and bankable solutions, intentional design is offering a lucrative, achievable approach. The fundamental drivers for infrastructure development (like population growth) underpin a positive investment outlook....

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Catalysing success. 1 - Engaging the productivity fix

Engaging the productivity fix

Are you leading a business, government agency, program or project and feeling the pressure for greater productivity despite the complex, uncertain environment? Do you have a nagging sense that working business-as-usual harder won’t get the results expected? What if you could enhance productivity in an engaging way? Australia is not well positioned If I challenged you to describe the current state of politics, markets, government...

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