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Fanning the flames of social licence risk

Taming the flames that present a social licence risk to infrastructure

In Australia and other nations, governments and industry partners are investing heavily in vital infrastructure. Such investment is, in part, to restore confidence and growth into economies battered by COVID-19. Restoring the economy and reducing debt also demands that every dollar is spent wisely. But many infrastructure proponents are fanning rather than taming the flames of stakeholder opposition. Through their own actions to build and...

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Public infrastructure investment choices

Public infrastructure: who’s creating great investment options?

The focus on making better infrastructure investment choices begs the question: who’s offering great investment options? While customers and markets have a role to play in achieving better infrastructure performance, they’re not the whole solution. Governments must also be more specific about public infrastructure outcomes they want to buy. It’s time the infrastructure community collaborated to perform better in generating sustainable public value. Who’s providing...

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Your organising stories

Leading change? You’ll need shared, organising stories.

From infancy we’ve learnt values, ideas and social rules through stories. This schooling has occurred for millennia. Today, some of these stories are being questioned. Leaders need to understand this dynamic and just how important stories are to sustaining success. In 2011, history professor Yuval Noah Harari published his book Sapiens – A brief history of human kind. It promptly became an international best seller....

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Intentional design unlocks innovation

Intentional design unlocks valuable innovation for engineers

Engineers are enjoying a renewed policy focus on STEM skills, innovation and their role in meeting societal needs. But they’re also butting up against real, current impediments to progress – many of their own making. In the search for practical, cost-effective and bankable solutions, intentional design is offering a lucrative, achievable approach. The fundamental drivers for infrastructure development (like population growth) underpin a positive investment outlook....

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Collaborating to transform the infrastructure that shapes society

Insight Trading – a “must read”

Greater demands are being placed on the world’s cities, infrastructure, and the resources that underpin economic development and prosperity. Risk factors and measures of value are changing, so organisations, projects and their leaders must evolve to remain successful. Delivering more of the same or even incremental business improvement is inadequate. A step change in productivity is required. New solutions are called for, solutions which are...

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