Change is coming thick and fast

How to shape a business strategy when change is coming thick and fast

Our human capabilities to develop and deploy technology is amazing and still expanding. But deployment of technology faces numerous impediments that slow its adoption. This doesn’t mean that business breakthroughs and disruptions won’t occur, challenging even the largest and long-standing organisations. To navigate these circumstances, business leaders need to embrace an informed, pragmatic and action-oriented approach to change. With some clear principles to work by...

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Considering climate costs

Let’s be frank about climate costs

Within the cut and thrust of the federal election campaign, there’s been a lot of debate about the costs of tackling climate change. Unfortunately, the focus on costs diverts people’s attention from the real issues and leaves them feeling anxious and uncertain – perhaps by design. A little clear thinking offers an approach that’s more constructive. Governments should reveal their investment logic Government investment in...

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Engineer tackling climate change

Engineering a change in climate

Australians have much to lose from inaction on climate change. But there’s also much to gain by acting. A shortage of practical solutions that are scalable, affordable and easy to embrace is an impediment. This is where engineers can play a transformative role if the challenge is approached in a clever, collaborative and contemporary way. Here is a brief whitepaper that explains why and how...

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Engaging people to profit

Engaging people to profit

For all the talk of diversity and the monitoring of pay gaps between men and women, many people remain unsure of the benefits of greater inclusion beyond equality of opportunity. What really are the benefits of diversity and inclusion? What attributes of diversity actually translate into better organisational performance? And if the benefits are real, what is impeding a quicker transition to a more diverse...

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Crowd of people

It’s time to upgrade our human software

Humans have proven themselves to be incredibly inventive and adaptive. So, is there any need to worry about the societal challenges we face? Surely we will invent our way to solutions. Phenomenal advances in technology offer hope but cannot be solely relied on. Comparable upgrades to our human software – the way we understand, think and problem-solve – are required for genuine progress. Award-winning American...

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Australian Government

Rebuilding trust, restoring progress

Who do you trust? If you’re like millions of other Australians, you don’t trust politicians, big banks or the media. In fact, mistrust of key institutions continues to grow, perpetuating a trend that started in the late 1960s [1, 2]. This lack of trust continues to gain attention, and there’s good reason why it should. Trust is a key indicator of the health and potential...

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Moving beyond innovation hype

Moving beyond innovation hype and hyperbole

Is the hype and hyperbole around innovation threatening to disengage the very people it’s seeking to motivate? It’s true that some organisations need to innovate with urgency, but not all. Equally, while big business has a role to play, leadership by government and young businesses is equally important. With a little evidence-based insight and critical thinking, the chances of innovation success can be substantially enhanced....

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Public value account for infrastructure

Bringing infrastructure investment to account

Is infrastructure spending creating sustainable public value? How can we tell? Perhaps public value accounts are a timely and valuable lever to enhance the calibre of public debate, project investment decisions and support for better public sector practices. “Do we need ribbon-cutting infrastructure for jobs and growth?” It’s the question the Grattan Institute’s Hugh Batrouney asked recently [1], arguing that “we shouldn’t be fooled into...

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Australia's innovation plan 2030

What does Australia’s innovation plan mean for business and you?

Australia now has a national innovation plan. But it’s not just guidance to government. It provides important signals to business and individuals. Action matters, but so does timing. Businesses large and small must overcome complacency to act now, adopting a deliberate approach to innovation for growth. Equally, individuals should question whether their employer and skills are fit for the very-near future. On 30 January 2018,...

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Want a pay rise? Don't sweat it

Want a pay rise? Don’t sweat it.

Do you want a pay rise but are too afraid to ask? It doesn’t need to be this way. Indeed, it can be a relaxed and rewarding process. Here’s some tips from experience to make it a positive experience. Competing pressures on wages We find ourselves in a time of contradictions. Company profit shares, for example, are at an all-time high. But, we have a...

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