A leaders’ guide to the big assumptions about artificial intelligence

A leaders’ guide to the big assumptions about artificial intelligence

In Australia and across the globe, banks are adjusting their workforces and shedding jobs amid spending on technology and automation. As other industries follow suit, it’s unclear whether the costs of automation are being socialised while the benefits are privatised. What is clear is that Australia’s public and private sector leaders must pay more attention to opportunities and benefits from artificial intelligence to keep up...

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Change is coming thick and fast

How to shape a business strategy when change is coming thick and fast

Our human capabilities to develop and deploy technology is amazing and still expanding. But deployment of technology faces numerous impediments that slow its adoption. This doesn’t mean that business breakthroughs and disruptions won’t occur, challenging even the largest and long-standing organisations. To navigate these circumstances, business leaders need to embrace an informed, pragmatic and action-oriented approach to change. With some clear principles to work by...

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Australia's innovation plan 2030

What does Australia’s innovation plan mean for business and you?

Australia now has a national innovation plan. But it’s not just guidance to government. It provides important signals to business and individuals. Action matters, but so does timing. Businesses large and small must overcome complacency to act now, adopting a deliberate approach to innovation for growth. Equally, individuals should question whether their employer and skills are fit for the very-near future. On 30 January 2018,...

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Government, industry and educators - get fit for the future of engineering

Government, industry and educators: get fit for the future of engineering

Changes in engineering technology coupled with shifting commercial and social demands is creating major risks and opportunities for the business community. Similarly, policy makers, industry bodies and educators are not immune. While some of the most profound consequences may not impact for several years, the time required to achieve institutional and organisational change demands action is taken today. Policy makers mustn’t impede public value creation...

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Engineers challenged by fourth industrial revolution

Fourth industrial revolution challenges engineering executives

An upcoming executive conference promises to shed powerful insights into current, under-played challenges of the fourth industrial revolution for engineering executives and company directors. What follows is a small component of the under-pinning research and analysis that informs the conference dialogue. In the early 1990s I was a researcher, exploring the engineering and institutional processes required to cultivate sustainable cities. One aspect of my research...

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Engineering for fourth industrial revolution

Engineering in the 4th industrial revolution is on the brink

by Dr George Beaton, beatoncapital  ‘Engineering in the 4th industrial revolution is on the brink’ is not intended to be a melodramatic assertion. Rather it makes the point that the 4th industrial revolution is here, now. It offers as many opportunities as it poses risks and threats. This post explains the tenets of the 4th industrial revolution and the reasons why Innergise and beatonlive have combined to...

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Sales insights key to growth

Unlocking growth for engineering consultants

Sometimes we need to be reminded about those common-sense things we should be doing but aren’t. At other times we’re so busy we miss important changes occurring around us. Both things are true for engineering consultants. Some simple and more profound shifts in sales practices have the potential to save millions and fuel growth.  Many large consulting firms are struggling. Engineering and science professionals are...

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Ants have become the most successful terrestrial macro-scale species this planet has ever seen on account of their highly coordinated social organization, an ability to modify habitats, exploit resources, and defend themselves.

Are you the leader you need to be? How’s your adaptive capacity?

In times of tough market conditions and endless change, might a safe, process-driven approach to organisational leadership actually be counter-productive? Being nimble and adaptable – having adaptive capacity – is arguably more critical. But what does this mean for leaders, boards and investors? Change makes most people anxious, particularly when it happens in their workplace. Yet change is all around us. It’s either happening to...

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Tools that transform

Tools that Transform

A statement often attributed to Albert Einstein is “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” It’s a statement that many people will know to be true through their own life and professional experience, and now modern psychology and neuroscience is providing the evidence base to back it up. Whether in corporate life or public service, people need tools to...

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Investment Logic

Innergise gains insights to government investment decisions

Innergise Director, Nick Fleming, recently completed training in the Investment Management Standard applied by governments around Australia and New Zealand. “It’s an excellent method to bring sharp clarity to a problem and whether investment is warranted to resolve that problem,” says Nick. “Good results can be achieved in just a couple of hours if you have the right people in the room and skilled facilitation.”...

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