Design thinking

Axceler8 - Driving innovation in professional services

AXCELER8 innovation in professional services

Innergise is offering an exciting new development program for professional services firms. AXCELER8 builds the knowledge base, attitudes and skills to innovate, individually and in teams. AXCELER8 also provides the route to systemic, organisation-wide innovation. The resulting culture of innovation provides the key to superior and sustained success. What makes AXCELER8 unique? A modular program that is bespoke to professional services. Founded on evidence from...

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Is innovation masking problem solving?

Is the innovation hype masking a deeper problem?

While everyone is busy trying to innovate, is there a risk that we’re missing something of far greater significance to business, government and professionals alike? I think so. Australia was better shielded from the global financial crisis than many nations. Despite this, economic growth since has been sluggish. While global growth is returning, notably in Europe and to a lesser extent the USA, it’s patchy...

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Intentional design unlocks innovation

Intentional design unlocks valuable innovation for engineers

Engineers are enjoying a renewed policy focus on STEM skills, innovation and their role in meeting societal needs. But they’re also butting up against real, current impediments to progress – many of their own making. In the search for practical, cost-effective and bankable solutions, intentional design is offering a lucrative, achievable approach. The fundamental drivers for infrastructure development (like population growth) underpin a positive investment outlook....

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Design thinking people

Will design thinking deliver benefits to infrastructure owners?

It seems that everyone is talking about design thinking. But is it relevant to infrastructure owners, investors and developers? Newspapers, business and industry magazines are publishing ever more articles on design thinking or human-centred design. They include examples like Samsung’s mobile phones and televisions, PepsiCo’s products and customer experiences, or innovative customer-centred services in the finance sector. Applications are also emerging in the public sector....

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Mind-sets create infrastructure investment blind spots

Mind-sets thwarting infrastructure investment

More money won’t address the shortfall of good infrastructure projects. Better planning and governance arrangements will help, but a shift in mind-sets is the key. Many people in the infrastructure ‘community’ are captured in a false narrative and mind-set. Better approaches are being overlooked as effort goes into solving the wrong problems. It’s possible to create lower risk, lower cost infrastructure that delights customers and...

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Managers barriers to progress

Is it the best we can do? Barriers to progress on productivity

Lazy, insular, complacent – words used to describe the state of enterprise in Australia. Harsh words indeed, but are they right? Anatomy of Opportunity In my last article (here) I described the Anatomy of Opportunity. It highlights the opportunities for government agencies and businesses alike to unleash greater productivity, innovation and return on investment. I highlighted three practical, value-creating actions: Engaging people from a wider...

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Problem solving practices

The anatomy of opportunity – three key practices to unleash progress

Here’s three key practices, drawn from years of practical experience, which can shift the way you perceive and solve problems, unleashing real progress. Let’s quickly recap In my previous two articles (here and here) I explained why growth and value creation need to come from innovation, investment and improved workplace practices. It’s a formula that public and private sector leaders now agree upon. I also...

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Achieving a 700-fold ROI

“What a terrific result! We need to apply this approach to all our projects.” That was Don’s enthusiastic response. He was a mining executive who’d just recognised a 700-fold return on his investment. So what had Don invested in – advanced geological mapping, new high-technology driverless trucks, off-shoring of engineering design work? No. He’d invested in a workshop to review the company’s design of a...

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Collaborating to transform the infrastructure that shapes society

Insight Trading – a “must read”

Greater demands are being placed on the world’s cities, infrastructure, and the resources that underpin economic development and prosperity. Risk factors and measures of value are changing, so organisations, projects and their leaders must evolve to remain successful. Delivering more of the same or even incremental business improvement is inadequate. A step change in productivity is required. New solutions are called for, solutions which are...

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